"Drift" installation in SARUP Commons

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Drift Public Seating", a project by Adriana Arteaga, Ian Kearns and Blake Villwock, assembled with the assistance of Evan Bartlett, Joe Buccini, Dustin Koch and Rob Zdanowski, from Professor Grace La's Learning Landscapes studio, has a temporary home in the SARUP Commons.

The project contemplates the nature of public space in education environments, the role of furniture within gathering spaces, and how such space may be transformed to encourage new paradigms of collaboration and learning. The form was inspired by the Midwest's snow drifts and sand embankments. The project offers an informal landscape of flexible seating, collaborative opportunities, and intensified ergonomic potential. The project also serves as a lantern, integrating both lighting and electrical power needs to provide an inviting and intimate scale; this design strategy inherently critiques the typically vast and anonymous nature of many public spaces today.

The prototype is designed as a repetitive "blade" and foam structure, using CNC technology to achieve shaping of infinite and supple variation.

The Learning Landscapes studio is funded by the international furniture manufacturer KI.

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