Designs on the Future

Monday, December 5, 2011

Time: 7:00pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Building 110

Designs on the Future
presented by David Zach

Description: As architects we often get exposed to the thought leaders of the past and sometimes of the present. Yet almost without fail these come from our own discipline. The future cannot be viewed through any single lens, even one as broad as architecture. Join us in meeting with David Zach, futurist, thought leader, member of the AIA Board of Directors, and friend of the AIAS. David looks at the future from many perspectives; architecture, economics, global politics, technology, philosophy and social trends. David has spent years weaving these trends together to point out critical items that will have great influence on society as a whole and his audience in particular. David is a “no holds barred” speaker, who drops bombshells of truth and takes on both ivory tower philosophy and urban legends that are taken as truth with wit, humor and an edginess you won’t find on campus. Come and spend some time with David, you can be assured you will be entertained, enlighten ed, and come away fired up and ready to do something to ensure your own future.

David has presented at the AIAS FORUM International meeting of students of architecture twice as a keynote, he has spoken to numerous AIA chapters, has a long list of corporate clients, and writes prolifically (including a current screenplay that is in the works). David takes a keen interest in students, and has visited several AIAS chapters, attending classes, participating in critiques and learning as much from us as we have from him.

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