Innovative Cities Lecture – NEWaukee

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Building 345

Presentation from Ian Abston, Angela Damiani, and Jeremy Fojut: "With NEWaukee you’ll discover the hidden gems Milwaukee holds, realize your passion for its lifestyle and that now, unlike any other time in this city’s history, is the time when the young people of Milwaukee have the power to change it for the better. NEWaukee is a movement of folks that call this place home, are building their legacy, and leaving their mark on Milwaukee – right now. So are you ready – to Make Milwaukee Yours?"

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About Ian Abston and NEWaukee: Well, our story goes something like this – our founder Ian Abston, moved to Milwaukee fresh out of college and had NO FRIENDS – like none. It was pretty sad. But being the social butterfly and ball of ambition that he is – Ian quickly realized that there had to be a way to socialize and explore the city with his peers that did not entail hauling a stack of business cards to a stuffy networking event. And he also knew in building genuine, long-lasting relationships – people need to meet on a common ground, doing something that they truly love together. Gathering a group of his friends together, Ian challenged each original member with the task of bringing ten of their friends to the first NEWaukee event. From that point, the group expanded rapidly as Milwaukee whippersnappers found an unconventional mode to travel throughout the city, break out of their comfort zones and meet other like-minded people. The group started with biweekly meet up called a Social that changed locations and always included live, local music and sense of frivolity. Due to the public’s great reception of the concept, NEWaukee expanded its programming and offerings to include arts, culture, sports, adventures, large-scale festivals and intimate networking opportunities. Not long after the programming began to expand and members of NEWaukee explored the city – Milwaukee’s accessibility and all-is-possible tendencies inspired folks to leave a lasting mark on the place they called home. Sometimes that mark would be a work of public art, a temporary exhibition, or turning an old vacant lot into a destination. Sometimes the mark was longer lasting – like advocating for sustainable artist funding, new public policies, and issues that affect members’ day-to-day lives. Through NEWaukee, people (young and old) find a sense of place and a charge to take action to make Milwaukee the best city it can possibly be. Not a bad result, for a kid who was simply looking for someone to play basketball with, eh?

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Pizza lunch and refreshments are provided.

Transit Information:
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee area is in a walkable, bike-able, urban neighborhood that is served by several transit lines, including the Milwaukee County Transit System, Badger Bus, and Wisconsin Coach Lines. Please consider utilizing public transit to get to UWM and avoid the hassle of parking.

Questions, comments?
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APA members who are AICP certified and attend this Innovative Cities lecture will receive 1 AICP Certificate Maintenance (CM) credit. A pizza lunch and refreshments will be provided.