Future of Learning

Friday, April 11, 2014

Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Building 170

Future of Learning” presentation by Joe Valerio, founding partner of VDTA, Chicago, IL. For more information, contact Associate Dean for External Affairs Gil Snyder.

Lecture Summary: This presentation is an introduction to and overview of a four year summer internship program sponsored by Valerio Dewalt Train at UWM, now entering its second year. Each summer two students receive a scholarship for two months. The program is called “The Future of the Future.” Over four years, each summer focuses on a different typology; beginning with The Future of Work, followed by The Future of Learning, the Future of Pleasure, and finally the Future of Urban Living.

Bio: Joseph Valerio, a founding partner of VDTA, is an award-winning architect recognized for his creativity in project design. A tireless innovator with an enormous capacity for creation he oversees the design development of all firm commissions. Valerio’s portfolio, accumulated over a 40 year career, includes a wide variety of projects and numerous design awards. Corporate office, high-tech industrial, institutional, retail, healthcare, restaurant, residential and theater facilities are all represented