Paris - Summer 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trip Information:
Registration deadline: March 15, 2014

This intensive six week course of study is designed not only to introduce students to important architectural and urban artifacts in Paris and the Ile de France, but also to examine the cultural context that shapes and informs them. Structured as a carefully calculated mix of old and new, students undertake field study of canonic buildings and urban spaces in western thought about architecture, while simultaneously exploring cultural themes around the conflicts of modernism and heritage. A three-day excursion to La Tourette and Ronchamp in the south of France, as well as a two-day excursion to walled cities on the Atlantic coast of Normandy follow similar themes and are offered as part of this field study. The course includes an optional London excursion led by Dean Greenstreet with a three-day examination of architecture and urbanism in this city that gave the world high-tech architecture and the Beatles.

Summer 2014 Itinerary Outline
Introduction to Paris

June 3 - depart Chicago O’Hare for Paris Charles De Gaulle
June 4 Paris - orientation to urban morphology
June 5 Paris - Le Marais and Notre Dame, ice cream at Berthillon
June 6 Paris - Parc Citroen Excursion to Versailles: the King's palace and gardens
June 7 Paris - Versailles - chateau and garden The Insider's Paris: heart of the city
June 8 Paris - Bateaux Mouches boat ride on Seine
June 9 Paris - independent study day
June 10 Paris - Louvre and Ste Chapelle
June 11 Paris - Parc de la Villette
June 12 Paris - Arab Institute, Bibliothèque de France, Parc de Bercy

Excursion to St Malo and Mt St Michel: walled cities on the ocean
June 13 St Malo - Normandy beaches and the walled city
June 14 Mt St Michel - the city on a mountain in the ocean

Weekend Break
June 15 Paris - free day
June 16 Paris - free day

Excursion to the South of France: LaTourette, Lyon, and Ronchamp
June 17 L’Arbresle - overnight at La Tourette Monastery by Le Corbusier
June 18 Lyon - La Confluence, Fourvière, Cité Internationale
June 19 Ronchamp - Le Corbusier’s Chapel

Independent Travel and Architectural Adventure
June 20 Paris - independent study day
June 21 Paris - independent study day
June 22 Paris - independent study day

The Insider's Paris: revolution in iron
June 23 Paris - Bibliothèque Ste Geneviève and metal architecture Excursion to Poissy - small town France with big-time Corbu house

June 24 Poissy - Villa Savoye, Arc de Triomphe

The Insider's Paris: green solutions
June 25 Paris - Maison La Roche-Jeanneret, Jardin de Luxembourg Independent Travel and Architectural Adventure
June 26 Paris - independent study day
June 27 Paris - independent study day
June 28 Paris - independent study day
June 29 Paris - independent study day
June 30 Paris - independent study day
July 1 Paris - independent study day

The Insider's Paris: the new millennium
July 2 Paris - Modern churches
July 3 Paris - Modern housing on the periphery Excursion to Vaux: small town France with fabulous Chateau and Garden
July 4 Melun - Chateau and garden of Vaux-le-Vicômte

Weekend Break
July 5 Paris - free day
July 6 Paris - free day

The Insider's Paris: star architects
July 7 Paris - Centre Pompidou
July 8 Paris - metal architecture
July 9 Paris - Quai Branley Museum
July 10 Paris - Independent Student Meetings

London Excursion with Dean Greenstreet [optional]
July 11 London - Royal London
July 12 London - Modern London
July 13 London - Insider’s London

Bastille Day and Farewell to Paris
July 14 Paris - Bastille Day
July 15 Paris - Farewell dinner at oldest restaurant in Paris, Le Procope
July 16 Paris - travel Paris to Chicago

Program Director Gil Snyder
Gil Snyder, AIA, is Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Architecture at UWM. He received his MArch from Columbia University in New York where he worked as a registered architect for many years with internationally recognized firms. Since coming to UWM, he has served as the program director for twelve architecture study abroad programs to a total of over 300 students. Having studied in France in his youth, and being a fluent French speaker, Professor Snyder brings his intimate knowledge of French culture together with his intensive research of modern and pre-modern western architecture to bear in developing programs with an insider’s perspective. Professor Snyder’s academic research focusses in urban morphology, vertical surface development, and the art of detailing. He regularly instructs graduate and upper-level undergraduate design studios and seminars at UWM.

Program Expert Lecturer Robert Greenstreet
Professor Robert Greenstreet, Ph.D., is an architect and Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Dr. Greenstreet specializes in the legal aspects of construction. He is the author/co-author of seven books, has contributed to twenty other texts and handbooks, and has published over one hundred and fifty working papers and articles. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is listed in fifteen international Who’s Who publications. In addition to being a registered architect in the United Kingdom, he is a practicing arbitrator, mediator and expert witness recognized in both the United States and Europe. Dean Greenstreet has extensive experience leading field study programs in France and England with students, professionals, and interested community members.

Courses Offered:
Arch 497 Study Abroad: The City as Artifact (3 cr for undergrads)
Arch 797 Study Abroad: The City as Artifact (3 cr for grads)
Arch 797 Study Abroad: The Paris Studiio (3 cr for grads)
Arch 797 Study Abroad: Directed Research (3 cr for grads)
Arch 497 Study Abroad: The Paris Studio (3 cr for undergrads)
Arch 797 Study Abroad: The Paris Studiio (3 cr for grads)

Sign up by March 15, 2014 at and complete all requirements. For financial aid info, contact Gayla Jenkins or Lynn Becker in the UWM Financial Aid office. Undergrads may be able to apply for some scholarship aid with the Wisconsin Study Abroad Grant at . For more information

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