AIAS at SARUP wins Honor Award

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SARUP's AIAS chapter has been awarded the 2011 AIAS Special Accomplishment Honor Award, for their organization of SUPERjury. Under the guidance of Prof. Mo Zell, AIAS organized a two-day school wide, public studio review process, which served as the backdrop for discussions among invited guests about curriculum, pedagogy, representation, and design process.

Commenting on the event, the AIAS stated that "the jury was impressed with your chapter's ability to engage your faculty, administration and leading architectural educators from across the United States in a collaborative and productive way. Your chapter has implemented what the jury feels will elevate the academic discourse at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Architecture and Urban Planning and assist students through engaging dialogue with outside perspectives. You have turned what may have been a one-time event into what may very well be a new tradition at your school, which will benefit students attending UWM for years to come. As one juror stated, "Some best practices in architectural education is bringing in outside assessment and if an AIAS Chapter is getting involved with it, then it should be recognized". We look forward to seeing what your Chapter does with the SUPERjury at UWM in the future."