Donald Hanlon


Donald Hanlon, Professor

Professor Hanlon‘s teaching focuses on architectural design, history and theory. He is interested in balancing formal issues of composition with the historical and cultural forces that shape buildings. This perspective led him to publish a book, ‘Compositions in Architecture,’ in 2009 that organizes architectural examples on the basis of their formal structures and elucidates the reasons why their designers chose particular patterns of order in their design. The book is intended for use as a resource in studios and seminars devoted to understanding design logic. He received the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Alumni Association Teaching Award in 2001 for his accomplishments as a teacher at all levels of the curriculum, including his engagement of architectural students in design/build projects for community-based non-profit groups in Milwaukee. In 2012 he was one of two teachers selected from among over 9,800 instructors in the entire University of Wisconsin System to receive the University of Wisconsin Regents Award for Teaching Excellence. He has travelled widely in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Europe and Central America, and has conducted student study abroad programs in Europe, Costa Rica and Turkey. Students in his advanced design studios have won many local, regional and national awards for their work.
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Hanlon’s research in Islamic architecture has concentrated on the architectural traditions of Turkey, Egypt, India and Central Asia. His writing and teaching have related to Islamic design principles, including geometry, traditional building practices and environmental design. Also, Professor Hanlon has taught the large and popular course, “An Introduction to Architectural Theory,” for fourteen years, recently converting it to the largest entirely on-line course in the University.

Master of Business Administration: University of Washington, 1981.
Master of Architecture: University of Washington, 1979.
Bachelor of Architecture: Cornell University, 1972.

Research Focus
Design Composition
Islamic Architecture and Urban Design

Arch 101 Introduction to Architectural Theory
Arch 330 Design Methodologies
Arch 532 Modern Concepts in Arch Theory
Arch 533 Survey of Architectural Theory
ARCH 810: Design Fundamentals (Graduate students) Download Arcobat Reader(PDF:13k)

Selected Work
"Searching for Al-Qahira," The Newsletter of the Fulbright Alumni Association. 
"The Plan of Al-Qahira," Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 1,No. 3. Oxford, UK.
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"The Adobe Church in New Mexico: An Example of Architectural Morphosis," Faith and Form, Washington, D.C.: Vol. XXIV.
"The Amin Hodja Mosque" Journal of Central Asia, Vol. XIII, No 2. Islamabad, Pakistan.
"The Spanish Mission Churches of the Upper Rio Grande Valley," Anthropologica, Vol. XXXIV, No 2. Ontario, Canada.
"Housing and Urbanization in a Desert Oasis," Traditional Settlements: Forms and Patterns, Vol. XI. Center for Environmental Design Research, Berkeley
"Architectural Education in Post-Maoist China." Journal of Architectural Education, Vol. XI. Center for Environmental Design Research, Berkeley.
"Memory and the Delphic Fix." Architectural Record.

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