Raymond Isaacs


Raymond Isaacs, Associate Professor

Ray Isaacs is an architect and a landscape architect. He is primarily interested in urban landscape architecture and urban design.

Earlier in his career, Isaacs practiced architecture in the San Francisco Bay Region of California, becoming licensed in 1987. He participated in the design of many built projects of various types, including "nature interpretive museums", which were precedents for the contemporary "ecology centers". With experience from these projects and a growing interest in landscape ecology, along with studies in painting and music, Isaacs returned to college for advanced education in landscape architecture, ecology, urbanism and psychology. His research in these combined fields--as a individual scholar and as a collaborator in group efforts was published in Places, the Journal of Urban Design and elsewhere. More recently Isaacs has been involved in design and planning projects. He was an advisor and consultant to projects along the Milwaukee and Kinnickinnic Rivers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the leading designer for parks and open space proposals in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland.
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Between 1994 and 2002 Isaacs spent substantial time in the eastern part of Germany, observing the transformation of the landscapes of the former German Democratic Republic. In 2000-2001 he was a awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award to spend one year as a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Dresden. Isaacs continues his interest in European landscape architecture. However, today his role is one of active participant in the process of transformation of urban landscapes, both U.S. and European--as a practicing professional--rather than as academic observer. He maintains studios in St. Gallen, Switzerland and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ph.D. in Environmental Planning: Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, University of California, Berkeley, 1998.
Master of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1993.
Master of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, 1992.
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1979.

Research Focus
Urban Landscape Architecture

Arch 383 - Landscape Architecture
Arch 584 - Urban Landscape Architecture
Arch 645 - senior design studio with an emphasis on urban ecology and landscape architecture
Arch 845 - graduate design studio with an emphasis on urban ecology and landscape architecture

Selected Work
“The Not-so-secret Agenda of the Landscape Guerilla,” in 306090/07: Landscape within Architecture, Princeton Architectural Press, 2004.
"Dresden Neustadt: Old Urban Form as a Place of contemporary Urbanism," Places, vol. 13, No. 3, 2002
"The Subjective Duration of Time in the Experience of Urban Places," Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2001
"The Urban Picturesque: An Aesthetic Experience of Urban Pedestrian Places," Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 5, No.2, 2000


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