Linda Krause


Linda Krause, Associate Professor,
Associate Dean

I am an architectural historian with a special interest in nineteenth to twenty-first century architectural and urban design theory. Over the course of my academic career I have focused on cities, whether the Victorian commercial heart of London or the re-interpretation of contemporary Milwaukee. My recent interests have centered on responses to the urban environment as they relate to globalization and sustainability. In 2003 I co-edited Global Cities: Cinema, Architecture, and Urbanism in a Digital Age, and am now editing a multidisciplinary volume of essays on the post-global city.

Yale University: Ph.D. in Art and Architectural History 1980
Yale University: M.Phil. in Art and Architectural History 1975
Western Reserve University: M.A. in Art and Architectural History 1970
Temple University: B.A. in Art History

Research Focus
Brownfields redevelopment policy and practice
Alternative reuse of brownfields, including housing and open space
Sustainable development, sustainability reporting and project assessment

Arch 300 Architecture History and Theory
Arch 533 Paris & London
Arch 734 Readings in Contemporary Architecture Theory & Criticism
Arch 794 Pre-Thesis

Selected Work
Linda Krause, ed. Sustaining Cities: Urban Policies, Practices, and Perceptions, 2012.
Krause Linda and Patrice Petro, eds. Global Cities: Architecture, Film, Urbanism in the Digital Age. New Brunswick: Rutgers, 2003.
"Commercial Sites: Early Victorian Development of Cannon Street." In Debra Mancoff and D. J. Trela (Eds.), Victorian Urban Settings: Essay on the Nineteenth-Century City and Its Contexts. New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1996.
"The Image of the House of Images." In Socio-Environmental Metamorphoses: Builtscape, Landscape, Ethnoscape, Euroscape. Vol. IV: Landscape, Ethnoscape. Proceedings of the 12th International Association of People-Environment Studies Conference. Maramaras, Greece, 1992.

Read More

"Detours On the Roads Not Taken," Architecture Chicago, Chicago: The Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, November, 1990.
"The New Brutalism: Frampton Reconsidered," Circa, September/October, 1990.
Milwaukee: In Praise of the Commonplace," Inland Architect, July/August, 1990.

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