Harvey Rabinowitz


Harvey Rabinowitz, Professor

Harvey Rabinowitz’ primary work is on the relationship of real estate development and design in the built environment. The real estate industry produces much of the built environment we experience everyday - over 85% of all buildings by dollar volume are 'products' of the development industry. His work concentrates on bridging the chasm between architects and developers who speak different professional languages, employ disparate processes, and often harbor antithetical values. Integrating these two distinct mindsets through his teaching, research, practice and writing is a critical means towards improving the environment we live in.
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Professor Rabinowitz is also known for his work in building performance. His book 'Post Occupancy Evaluation' (Preiser co-author) was the recipient of a Progressive Architecture Research Award and he has written over 30 papers and reports on building diagnosis and evaluated numerous building for technical as well as functional and behavioral factors.

As a practicing architect, urban designer and real estate consultant Harvey Rabinowitz, working with developers, has won four City of Milwaukee competitions for housing and mixed use projects – ranging from 17 to over 200 units – all of which have been completed. He is active in designing and conducting feasibility studies on numerous urban projects. Engaged in community affairs, Rabinowitz serves on many committees concerned with civic and design issues.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: M.Arch., 1968
The Cooper Union-School of Architecture: B.Arch., 1966 

Research Focus
Real estate development
Urban design and post-occupancy evaluation.

Arch 301 Arch Construction / Construction
Arch 390/790 Real Estate Development
Arch 780 Built Environment and Real Estate Development
Arch 794 Pre-Thesis

Selected Work
"Pioneers of Real Estate Development: The Woods' Projects at Bath, England. Wharton Real Estate Review, Fall, 2002.
"Site Design for Livable Communities" Editor - Citizens for a Better Environment. Milwaukee. 1997
"The Economic Effects of Groundwater Contamination on Real Estate" w/G.W. Page. Journal of the American Planning Association. Fall 1993
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"Transit-Based Approach to Land Use Design". w/E. Beimborn et al. Transportation Research Record: Public Transit: Management, Operations, and Planning and Development. no.1349. 1992. Transportation Research Board, National Research Council
"The Marketplace as the Arbiter of the Built Environment." in Proceedings of the International Conference on Design Review. Fall 1992

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