Welford Sanders


Welford Sanders, Assistant Adjunct Professor

Mr. Sanders has interests in the fields of urban and regional planning, real estate, and community and neighborhood planning. He also has an extensive background of housing research. Mr. Sanders recent publications regarding housing issues include: "Regulating Manufactured Housing," "Current Trends in Factory-Built Housing," and "Market Analysis for Owner-Occupied Manufactured Housing in Milwaukee’s Inner City." Mr. Sanders instructs the undergraduate course, "Urban Planning Solutions to Contemporary Urban Problems," as well as, "Applied Planning Workshop" at the graduate level.

University of Wisconsin - Madison: M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning University of Wisconsin - Madison: B.A. History and Economics

Research Focus
Urban Redevelopment
Revitalize Inner-City Neighborhoods

URBPLAN 661 Neighborhood Planning and Revitilization
URBPLAN 662 Land Use Planning for Urban Redevelopment

Selected Work
Manufactured Housing: Regulation, Design Innovations, and Development Options. Chicago: American Planning Association (APA).

"Current Trends in Factory-Built Housing," Urban Land, Volume 56, No. 3, Washington, D.C.: ULI-the Urban Land Institute.

"Developers Turn to Manufactured Housing," Land Development, Volume 7, No. 1, Washington, D.C.: National Association of Home Builders.
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Manufactured Housing Site Development Guide. Chicago: APA.

"Affordable Housing: Public Private Initiatives for Improving Housing Opportunities," in Financing Growth, Robinson, Susan G., ed., Chicago: Government Finance Officers Association.

The Planning Commission: Its Composition and Function, Chicago: APA, Co-author.

Regulating Manufactured Housing. Chicago: APA.

Affordable Single-Family Housing: A Review of Development Standards. Chicago: APA. Co-author.

Zero Lot Line Development. Chicago: APA.

Water Conservation in Residential Development: Land Use Techniques. Chicago: APA.

The Cluster Subdivision: A Cost-Effective Approach. Chicago: APA.

Streamlining Land Use Regulation: A Guidebook for local Governments. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Co-author.

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