Brian Schermer, Associate Professor

Brian Schermer, PhD is a licensed architect and associate professor of architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research focuses on how architecture serves as a catalyst for organizational change for clients, as well as design management strategies to create experientially rich, beautifully crafted, and productive settings. His research on architectural clients ranges from community-based nonprofits and institutions for higher education, to government agencies and nontraditional workplaces. He is co-author of Law and Practice for Architects, and author of The Place of Nonprofits, a pre-design planning guide for community-based organizations. He has also written extensively on architectural programming and building performance evaluation. He is a long-time member of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) and former Board Chair. Prior to his academic career, Professor Schermer worked as an architect and architectural researcher in New York, California, and Massachusetts.
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Professor Schermer teaches courses in design, architectural programming, research methods, and law and practice, as well as various courses for the PhD Program in Architecture. As a graduate design studio instructor, he teams with Workshop Architects, a Milwaukee firm with a national reputation in design for higher education. The Workshop Studio explores design strategies that utilize social ergonomics research as a catalyst for creative architectural thinking. He also teaches a research methods seminar for UWM‟s Chicago Experience studio. He also maintains the blog, Knowing the Design Future.

Ph.D. in Architecture, University of Michigan
M. Arch., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Focus
Architectural clients and the relationship between organizational and architectural change
Challenges in contemporary architectural practice

Arch 585 Research Methods
Arch 586 Programming for Arch Design
Arch 645/845 Workshop Studio
Arch 750 Pro-seminar in Environmental Design Research
Arch 785 Advanced Research Methods in Architecture

Selected Work
"Lost in the Translation: Project Partnering as a Model of Collaborative Design and Construction." Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture International Conference; Helsinki, Finland; July 27-30, 2003."Weaving the Institutional and the Practical in Everyday Architectural Ethics." Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Central Region Conference; Muncie, Indiana, October 24-26, 2003.
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"Organization Clients and Architectural Communities of Practice: Material and Social Construction at the Chrysler Technology Center." Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Michigan, 2002

"Post-Occupancy Evaluation and Organizational Learning," in Community: Evolution or revolution: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of the Environmental design Research Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 22-6, 2002.

"Client-Situated Architectural Practice: Implications for Architectural Education," Journal of Architectural Education, September 2001, 31-42

"Post-Occupancy Evaluation & Organizational Development: the Experience of the United States Postal Service." Co-author with Jay Farbstein, Min Kantrowitz, and John Hughes-Caley, Building Evaluation: Advances in Methods and Applications, Wolfgang F. E. Preiser (Ed.) New York: Plenum; 1989

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