Robert Schneider


Robert Schneider, Assistant Professor

Robert Schneider is an Assistant Professor with practical and research experience in the sustainable transportation field. He teaches a pedestrian and bicycle planning course and contributes to national and local research projects on data collection, safety, facility evaluation, and demand analysis for active transportation modes. His dissertation explored how people choose between pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile modes for routine travel.

Robert played key roles on two recent National Cooperative Highway Research Program projects that provide guidance on pedestrian and bicycle counting and project prioritization. His current local research analyzes pedestrian and bicycle crashes in Wisconsin and physical health benefits of bicycling in Milwaukee. Robert has served as Chair of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Pedestrians since 2014. Between 2001 and 2007, Robert worked for Toole Design Group, LLC, assisting with pedestrian and bicycle planning projects in communities such as Washington, DC, Rockville, MD, Alexandria, VA, Greensboro, NC, and Seattle, WA. His research in the sustainable transportation field builds on this practical experience.

University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning, 2011
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Master of Regional Planning, 2001
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, Bachelor of Arts, 1999

Research Focus
Sustainable Transportation Policy
Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning, Design, and Safety
Travel Behavior and the Built Environment
Transportation Standards and Analysis Methods
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

URBPLAN 772 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation
URBPLAN 721 – Applied Planning Methods
URBPLAN 791 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
URBPLAN 692 / ARCH 790 – Transportation Workshop: Ideas for Bus Rapid Transit in the Milwaukee Region

Selected Work
Biking for Health: Testing the Benefits of a Bicycle Intervention in a Low-Income Community, 2015 (for Clinical & Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin through Medical College of Wisconsin)
Wisconsin Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis, 2015 (for Wisconsin Department of Transportation) Methods and Technologies for Collecting Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data, 2014 (for National Cooperative Highway Research Program through Kittelson Associates, Inc.)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Along Existing Roads, 2014 (for National Cooperative Highway Research Program through Toole Design Group, LLC)
California Smart Growth Trip Generation Rates Study, 2013 (for the California Department of Transportation through UC Davis)
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Improving the Representation of the Pedestrian Environment in Travel Demand Models, 2013 (for Portland Metro and Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium through Portland State University)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Strategies for UC Berkeley Campus and Periphery: Recommendations for Implementation, 2012 (for University of California Berkeley through UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research & Education Center)
San Francisco Pedestrian Intersection Volume Model, 2011 (for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency through Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants and UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research & Education Center)
Alameda County Pedestrian and Bicycle Counting and Modeling Project, 2009 (for California Department of Transportation and Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority through UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research & Education Center)
Literature Review for Update Of The AASHTO Guide For The Planning, Design And Operation Of Pedestrian Facilities, 2009 (for National Cooperative Highway Research Program through Toole Design Group, LLC)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Data Collection in United States Communities: Quantifying Use, Surveying Users, and Documenting Facility Extent, 2005 (for Federal Highway Administration through Toole Design Group, LLC)
TCRP Synthesis 62: Integration of Bicycles and Transit, 2005 (for Transit Cooperative Research Program through Toole Design Group, LLC)


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