The School of Architecture and Urban Planning offers Bachelor’s (BS, Architectural Studies), Master’s (M.Arch and M.S. Arch) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Architecture, a Master of Urban Planning (MUP) and a Coordinated Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning (M.Arch/MUP). Within the M.Arch degree, students may pursue concentrations in ecological design, historic preservation, and real estate development. The MUP degree offers concentrations in geographic information systems and real estate development. A Certificate in Urban Planning is available to all UWM undergraduate students.

Within these academic offerings students have access to a broad array of theoretical research and design topics as well as practical, applicable skill sets—a hallmark of SARUP’s curriculum since its inception. The School’s unique governing structure nurtures a collective pedagogy that spawns diversity in study topics precisely because it espouses critical thinking in a variety of contexts.

Ultimately the tools that an architect needs to succeed in the global economy are at once paradoxical and cogently integrated through the application of contextual thinking and problem solving within the meaning of Place. In addition to the many study abroad options available to students, SARUP’s programs are intimately intertwined with a heightened consciousness about our school’s relative place in the Midwest, on the Great Lakes.