Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is used to manage and analyze spatial data for a broad range of business and public uses. Public health offices study the spatial patterns of infectious disease outbreaks; market researchers study the demographics of areas before introducing a new product to an area; educators study geographic data to recommend building new schools or closing others. In short, if where is a critical component of a problem, GIS is critical for finding a solution. GIS is one of the 21 hot jobs for the 21st Century, according to U.S. News and World Report (1991).

Transcript-Designated Concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Department of Urban Planning provides a focused course of study in geographic information systems. This concentration provides the skills and experience needed by professional planners to develop and use spatial analysis technology in both public and private organizations to improve their service delivery, management, and policy planning activities. Planning students learn state-of-the-art skills for using and analyzing data spatially in planning for improvements in transportation, housing, economic development, environment, natural resources, and related fields. Students wishing to pursue this concentration must be enrolled in the Master of Urban Planning Program and must complete a minimum of 15 credits from designated courses.