Coordinated Degree Programs

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning offers a unique degree in both Architecture and Urban Planning. The Master of Architecture/Master of Urban Planning program (M.Arch/MUP) requires 3 years of graduate studies (84 credits) for those with a previous degree in architecture. This program is designed to prepare students to become highly skilled in understanding, integrating, and managing architectural and urban planning programs, policies, plans, and designs. A 4.5-year option (126 credits) is available for students without an undergraduate background in architecture, but who wish to focus in this area of study.

In cooperation with the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Department of Urban Planning offers a Master of Science in Engineering/Master of Urban Planning (MS/MUP) program to prepare students for positions in transportation, public works or similar areas. Students in this coordinated degree program are required to meet the College of Engineering and Applied Science requirements for the Master of Science in Engineering degree as well as the requirements for the MUP degree. The total credit requirement for the MS/MUP program is 54 credits.

This coordinated degree program allows students to complete master's degrees in Public Administration and in Urban Planning concurrently. The MPA/MUP program combines professional training in planning with applied administrative and managerial skills. The program requires 42-45 credits of required courses and completion of a concentration in Public Administration. Students may complete the dual degree with a minimum of 54-57 credits. The total number of credits will depend on the student's track and choice of concentration in public administration.