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Urban Planning Teaching
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Note: M.Arch/MUP students can apply for an architecture assistantship as well as an urban planning assistantship

Coordinated Degree Program in Architecture and Urban Planning

The M.Arch/MUP program is an opportunity for students to receive two professional degrees. While this program prepares students to pursue careers in either field, it also educates them to become part of a growing group of people dealing with physical problems of urban development in a wide variety of communities and organizations.

The objective of this program is to educate architects and urban planners to assume responsible planning and design roles in both public and private agencies. The aims of the program are to build on students’ existing capabilities by developing the skills and techniques necessary to address the special problems of the urban environment, to understand the behavior of critical individuals and organizations, to evaluate the impact of change, and manage strategies for the implementation of proposed solutions to complex urban problems. Examples of student projects are in the gallery.

The M.Arch/MUP Coordinated Degree program requires 3 to 4 years of graduate study, depending on previous academic background and qualifications.

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Primary Faculty
Carolyn Esswein, Urban Planning
Raymond Isaacs, Architecture
Robert Schneider, Urban Planning
Arijit Sen, Architecture
James Wasley, Architecture