Syllabi for Courses in the Department of Urban Planning

Undergraduate Courses
140 Issues In Contemporary Urban Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:100k)
141 Urban Planning Solutions to Contemporary Urban Problems Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:183k)
315 Great Cities of the World: Their Growth and Guided Urbanization Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:35k)
316 Planning for Great American Cities Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:196k)
350 Social Justice, Urban Planning and the New Multicultural America Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:177k)
591 Introduction to Urban GIS for Planning Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:153k)
630 Budgeting and Finance in the Public Sector
651 Land Use Planning Practice 1 Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:90k)
655 Negotiation Theory and Practice for Urban Planners Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:34k)
661 Neighborhood Planning and Revitalization
662 Land Use Planning for Urban Redevelopment Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:21k)
684 Planning Local Economic Development Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:458k)
691 Topics in Community Planning and Design

692 Special Topics

Graduate Courses
701 Introduction to Land Use Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:143k)
702 Introduction to Planning Law Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:35k)
710 Planning Law and Land Use
711 Planning Theories and Practice Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:170k)
720 Urban Development Theory and Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:126k)
721 Applied Planning Methods Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:158k)
740 Data Analysis Methods I Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:46k)
741 Data Analysis Methods II
750 Special Topics in Land Use Law
751 Introduction to Urban Design and Physical Planning
762 Housing Markets and Public Policy Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:24k)
771 Transportation Policy and Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:138k)
772 Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:136k)
792 Using Urban Geographic Systems for Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:24k)
780 Seminar in Environmental Planning Issues
781 Environmental Law and Policy
782 Water Resouces Planning Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:171k)
792 Using Urban Geographic Systems for Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:24k)
791 Introduction to Urban GIS for Planning Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:308k)
792 Using Urban Geographic Systems for Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:24k)
793 Applied Projects in Urban Geographic Information Systems Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:46k)
794 Internet Geographic Information Systems Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:144k)
810 Planning Policy Analysis Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:107k)
811 Applied Planning Workshop Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:77k)
841 Urban Transportation and Land Use Planning Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:47k)
857 Urban Design as Public Policy Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:328k)
858 The Citizen Architect Studio Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:693k)
858 The Urban Landscape Studio  Download Acrobat Reader (PDF:55k)
880 Challenges to Urban Sustainability Download Acrobat Reader(PDF:148k)
990 Graduate Thesis
991 Legislative/Administrative Agency Internship
999 Independent Study