Rapid Prototyping Lab

AUP Room 179 (Laser and 3d printing lab) and AUP B95 (CNC lab)  - email uwmrplab@uwm.edu

The rapid prototyping lab at the UWM School of Architecture offers students and professionals access to a number of tools and resources aimed at computer‐aided prototyping and model making. Laser cutting and 3D printing constitute the base of these tools and are supplemented with tutorials, material samples, and other prototyping equipment.

Below are links to important documents which outline details such as the RP Lab's Policies, Material List for the laser cutters, Job Request Forms, etc. Please remember that you must first download the job request form(s) before filling them out, saving, and then sending them as an email attachment. When dropping of materials to laser cut, you must bring your printed Job Request Form.

General Policies Download Arcobat Reader

Materials and Color Charts Download Arcobat Reader

Job Request Form ‐ Laser Cut Download Arcobat Reader

Job Request Form ‐ 3D Print Download Arcobat Reader

Use to convert colors in Illustrator to AutoCAD colors. Our machines only recognize AutoCAD’s RGB color configurations, thus they will not work with any other configurations. If we receive submissions with non-AutoCAD configurations we will have to reject them.

Laser cutting templete for 18" x 24"

Laser cutting templete for 24" x 48"

User Agreement: By submitting a job to the UWM RP Lab, you are acknowledging to have read and agreed to all UWM RP Lab policies and procedures. Failure to comply with these policies will result in loss of placement in queue or potential suspension from use of the lab.

If you have any questions about the RP Lab's services, please email uwmrplab@uwm.edu or stop by the RP Lab (AUP 179) and speak directly with one of the technicians.