New titles on display

Exterior building enclosures: design process and composition for innovative facades/ C. Keith Boswell, c. 2013

Points and lines: diagrams and projects for the city/ Stan Allen, c.1999

Biophilic cities: integrating nature into urban design and planning/ Timothly Beatley, c.2010

Encounters2: architectural essays/ Juhani Pallasmaa, c.2012

Designing rainwater harvesting systems: integrating rainwater into building systems/ Novak, Van Giesen, DeBusk, c.2014

Peter Zumthor: 1985-2013, c. 2014

The language of school design: design patterns for 21st century schools/ Nair, Fielding, Lackney, c. 2013

Contemporary library architecture: a planning and design guide/ Ken Warpole, c. 2013

Pamphlet architecture 11-20, c. 2011

Make space: how to set the stage for creative collaboration/ Doorley and Witthoft, c. 2012



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