Sponsored Studio Programs

Central to the School of Architecture and Urban Planning's educational philosophy is the fundamental principle that excellence in design and research involves direct and extended interaction with design professionals and culture. The School’s sponsored studio program provides this enhanced access to the profession and affiliated businesses for faculty and students. Each of the sponsored studios focuses on a unique aspect of design and includes the engagement of professionals from architecture, development, material design, manufacturing and building management with students in the studio environment. The business partners provide funding to support studio activities, travel, lectures, publications and materials.

Design Intelligence says the School's program is "an amazing symbiosis between practice and education."

The sponsored studio program is based on a mutually beneficial, multi-year arrangement between SARUP and the business partner. Two such studios, the IP BIM Studio, coordinated by Associate Professor Gil Snyder and Adjunct Professor Jim Dicker in collaboration with Eppstein Uhen Architects, and the Workshop Studio conducted by Associate Professor Brian Schermer in conjunction with Workshop Architects, have received NCARB Prizes for their integration of practice and the academy. Students from a number of sponsored studios consistently participate in a variety of national and international competitions resulting in a host of awards and opportunities.