Study Abroad

Within our teaching, research and service commitments we strive to prepare our students to meet future social, cultural, and technological challenges by becoming globally competent and culturally sensitive citizens with an expanded understanding of the multifaceted international interconnectedness of today's world.

Travel abroad introduces our students to architectural discourse across an expanding spectrum of place and time—from Europe to Asia to South America, and in diverse cities—from Amsterdam to Istanbul. The emphasis on culture in architecture is a platform from which to collaborate, at unprecedented levels, in transcontinental and cross-disciplinary investigations. Among these opportunities, the Department of Architecture is working in close partnerships with universities, organizations, and practitioners in such countries as Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, and Ukraine. A limited mapping of recent years reveals over forty national and international destinations that architecture students and faculty have visited and researched together. This cultural curiosity illuminates the school’s tremendous appetite to understand the global position and contexts from which architects must operate.

Workshops, lectures, fieldwork, and visits to notable sites both well known and off the beaten path are all part of the experience. While the focus of these studies is on architecture, historic preservation, and urban design, there are opportunities for students to experience and enjoy the local culture of these wonderful places. SARUP faculty administer the programs and accompany students on their travels.

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