Discover Urban Planning at UWM


Our required core courses lay the foundation for understanding the dynamics of metropolitan areas and develop the skills planners need to address both the problems and opportunities they face.

Planning skills: analysis and communication. The first year core focuses on developing the skills planners need to develop alternatives, analyze policies, and successfully implement programs that emerge from the planning process. Core courses require students to sharpen their analytic and communication skills. Courses in urban design and GIS hone students' skills for understanding and communicating visual information.

Urban geography and economics. Urban planners need to understand how geography and economics intersect in regions. The first year core courses stress urban geography, including how cities form and the geographic distribution of social and economic characteristics. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of land use control and how such controls influence the shape of metropolitan areas.

Planning practice. The second year core courses focus on immersing students in real projects for community clients. Examples of the work our students produce in Planning Policy Analysis and Applied Planning Workshop can be viewed in the Student Work area.

Our elective courses are clustered into six areas: economic development, land use and physical planning, geographic information systems, urban revitalization, environmental planning and sustainability, and transportation. Through these electives, students may develop a broad-based, generalist skill set or students may become more specialized in one or two areas.

In addition to elective courses offered within the MUP program, students benefit from our affiliations with other programs across campus, including Architecture, Civil Engineering, Freshwater Sciences, Geography, Urban Studies, and Business Administration.