Discover Urban Planning at UWM

Learning and Living in Milwaukee

Our commitment to revitalizing urban centers and building healthy metropolitan areas is renewed every day as the faculty reaches out to the Milwaukee community as a living laboratory for learning and discovery. The second year core courses and many elective courses involve students in real-life planning experiences. Students work in groups, under faculty supervision, for clients in the community. Students experience first-hand the challenges of articulating a vision, finding solutions, analyzing policies, and preparing plans. The Milwaukee area offers an array of planning internships and opportunities that are made possible by faculty relationships with practitioners

Students have interned with dozens of different planning agencies, including:

  • Milwaukee Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative
  • Milwaukee Department of City Development and suburban planning offices
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Planning Council for Health and Human Services
  • Urban Ecology Center
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
  • Consulting firms and not-for-profit organizations

The Milwaukee metro area is also a delightful place to live and enjoy life while a student. The campus is located in a mixed-income neighborhood of private homes, duplexes, and apartments with several lively and walkable commercial areas within a short walk from campus. Located just 6 blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee boasts a network of county parks and off-street bike trails. As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee also hosts the arts, professional and collegiate sporting events, and a series of summer festivals that draw many Chicago visitors each year. And did we mention that Milwaukee is a 90-minute Amtrak ride from Chicago and everything it has to offer?

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