Second Annual Military & Veteran Populations Conference

Building Bridges to Healing Lives

UWM School of Continuing Education

May 21-22, 2015

About the conference:

Members of today's military are likely to have experienced a wide range of traumatic events, from physical injuries to suffering from the aftermath of violence. Although soldiers face many challenges on the battlefield, many struggle with seen and unseen injuries as a result of their service to their country. One in five veterans come home with a physical disability—and one in five return with unseen injuries.

When service members return, the wars come with them. They cope with emotional and physical scars and employment disruptions of their service. Thus, the war's violence has rippled through the nation, affecting families and the communities where they live. While resilience is real, the burdens of these wars have fallen on veterans and their families.

While there is no "quick fix" solution for unseen injuries, education is key. This is not just a military problem; our veterans needs better service and they need it now.

About the theme:

Healing the seen and unseen injuries of our military and veteran populations takes many forms. It is the intent of this two-day conference to present cutting-edge treatments currently available and call attention to alternative treatments when the traditional treatments have failed.

Check back soon for more information, including registration and speaker information.

Contact Pa Vang, M.UP, at, 414-227-3277