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Social Media Manager Certificate Available Online


The Social Media Manager Certificate is for individuals responsible for the strategic planning, alignment and integration of social media within their organization. Course elements and curriculum are focused on:

  • Identifying business opportunities that social media can support
  • Aligning social media efforts to organizational goals
  • Delivering a social media strategy
  • Creating content roadmaps and measurement frameworks that integrate social media into the business

Worried that you can’t work professional development into your busy schedule? The Social Media Manager certificate is offered online so that you can integrate learning into your busy schedule.

About the Certificate:

  • The certificate includes six areas of focus
  • Topics range from 1-3 weeks in length, a total of 12 weeks to complete the entire certificate
  • All areas of focus are delivered online and taught by qualified social media experts
  • The certificate includes a mix of lectures, discussion topics and assignments
  • In the final capstone course, students create and present a strategic social media plan that includes integrated tactics 

See detailed outlines for each area of focus within the certificate by clicking the arrow next to the title.

Social Media and Your Business

This course is designed to create a foundational understanding of the rise of social media and its place in today’s business world. Topics include a discussion of various social media platforms and the impact on business. Explore data that supports the use and integration of social media into the business environment. Review the changes in the digital landscape and the evolution of social media through case studies for both successful and failed social media programs.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the impact of social media on the business environment
  • Identifying and applying social media usage data to business strategy
  • Understanding social media's impact on your business

 Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the importance that social media has in the business strategy by presenting case studies and business data relevant to your organization
  • Highlight opportunities to leverage social media within your industry

Listening and Monitoring Frameworks

This course focuses on the process of establishing a social media listening program to help organizations understand audience needs, support brand awareness, create online word of mouth and identify business opportunities within the social media landscape. Listening platforms are key to successful outcomes for social media programs and need to be strategically designed and supported throughout the organization.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how social media allows for customer control of messaging and word of mouth
  • Recognize the importance of a response framework for brand mentions and online conversations
  • Evaluate and select platforms based on user activity, feedback and research

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a social media monitoring program
  • Develop a response framework for daily and crisis communications
  • Identify social media platforms by audience activity and type

Developing and Integrating Social Media Strategy

Learn to create an integrated social media program that supports business goals and objectives while meeting user needs and expectations. Discuss key aspects of managing the social media function, which include identifying business goals, social media objectives and setting measurable targets that guide program development. With clarity around goals, objectives and outcomes, draft strategies and tactics are documented and become the core components of your social media program.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Identify opportunities to leverage social media to support business goals
  • Explore the creation of objectives and targets for a social media program
  • Explore strategies that deliver on business goals, objectives and targets

Learning Outcomes:

  • Document business goals and define objectives and measurable targets
  • Document strategies that unite business goals and audience needs
  • Create a draft strategy document that will be the foundation of the social media program

Content Planning and Management

 This course explores the role of content in powering a successful social media program from a Social Media Manager perspective. Identify content needs and organizational resources and create a content strategy to drive activity within the social media program. Curriculum focuses on the steps involved in the planning, production and measurement of a successful content strategy.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the role content plays in a successful social media program
  • Exploring content planning and resource allocation
  • Establish content matrix for production and management

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a content life cycle matrix
  • Create a content strategy document
  • Update the strategy brief to reflect content and platform selection

Social Media ROI

Establishing a strategic framework to measure the performance of a social media program is the focus of this course in the Management track. Explore the business rationale and support for return on objectives and return on investments. Establish measurement frameworks, tracking mechanisms and performance reports that demonstrate the outcomes of a social media program.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of performance metrics in a social media program
  • Understand how to measure return on objectives and investment
  • Exploring financial and non-financial impacts of social media on the business

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify measurement guidelines and resource needs
  • Develop a continuum of activity map to demonstrate social media impact on business activity
  • Develop a social media measurement, insight and performance reporting process

Social Media Capstone

The capstone course brings all of the elements learned in the previous five courses together into a cohesive presentation. Complete your strategy documents, supporting materials and organize the material into a formal presentation. The capstone course enables you to present a strategic social media plan with integrated tactical elements to your cohort group within the course and to upper management within your organization.

 Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding of key program elements
  • Learn to organize and present a strategic social media program
  • Create a social media strategy overview presentation
  • Deliver social media strategy and supporting documents

Learning Outcomes

  • A social media plan that can be presented to your organization
  • Tactical elements with the plan that will allow you to develop a robust social media program within the organization

Who Should Attend

Individuals responsible for the strategic planning, alignment and integration of social media within their organization.

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Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify how social media can support your business goals and overall organizational goals
  • Create and manage the delivery of a social media strategy
  • Create content roadmaps and measurement frameworks that integrate social media into your business

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"Jamey does a fantastic job with the slide presentations and provides valuable feedback to each comment that students make throughout the course."
Student, 2014

"I really enjoyed the choice of reading material. Social Media ROI was a great book and I learned a lot that can and will be applied to our social media program. The videos followed very closely with the book, which is great!"
student, 2014

Sept. 21-Dec. 13
Location: Available Online
Instructor: Jamey Shiels
$2499 call for payment options
CEUs: 4.2
Enrollment Limit: 20
Program No. 5026-8409
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Course Accessible: Feb. 29-May 22, 2016
Location: Available Online
Instructor: Jamey Shiels
$2499 call for payment options
CEUs: 4.2
Enrollment Limit: 20
Program No. 5026-8414
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For more information, contact:
Pam Nellen, Program Manager, Business and Technology Programs,, 414-227-3208


Social Media Certificate: Manager Track
Social Media Certificate Manager Track
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FAQs for Social Media Online Program
FAQs for Social Media Online Program
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