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Emotional Intelligence I: Dealing with Difficult People, Including Yourself!


Develop an understanding of how the brain, body and emotions interact with each other, and learn how to identify the triggers of conflict in the workplace. Sharpen your neutralizing communication abilities and discover resolution techniques.


There's always one, sometimes many difficult people, in every workplace. They are the people who challenge our patience, test our communication skills and seem to demand our attention, and can be especially frustrating when we have many important things to do. How you handle them (and yourself) determines whether those trying situations escalate into conflict or result in a peaceful resolution.

We work in an interdependent world, where successful relationships are required to get the job done. Researchers tell us that Emotional Intelligence (emotion and people skills) is 65% of success in the workplace. Learn how to identify what might trigger conflict in the workplace, discover neutralizing communication skills and develop resolution techniques - all within the context of Emotional Intelligence.

The many tools offered in this class include:

  • Understanding how the brain, body and emotions interact with each other
  • Difficult people types and styles, assisting you in recognizing your fatal attractions to certain personalities
  • A DiSC personality assessment, with tools for recognizing personality characteristics and tips on communicating with the different styles, especially under stressful circumstances
  • Transforming your approach from tolerating difficult people into appreciating differences
  • Redefining recognition as a relationship tool, using concepts from NeuroLinguistic Programming to individualize and maximize your communications
  • The EQ54 emotional intelligence behavior assessment to help you target your personal EI development plan
  • MORE

Day One - 8:30am to noon
" Definition of Emotional Intelligence
" Knowledge of one's own emotions
" Ability to manage one's own emotions
" Ability to self-motivate
" Ability to recognize emotions in others/empathy
" Ability to handle relationships/respond appropriately to and affect emotions in others
" Understand your fatal attractions to certain personalities
" Principles of Motivation
" Emotions, the Body and the Brain
" The importance of being right or "Why we don't want to give up the war"

Day One - 1 to 4:30pm
" Behavior style characteristics and their impact on relationships
" Identify types of difficult people and how they hook you into their game
" Transform tolerating difficult people into appreciating differences
" Effective Recognition
" Exploring our differences
" Generational Values Differences
" Female/Male Communication Styles
" Going to the Balcony with Q-tips
" Work/Life Balance Checklist

Day Two - 8:30 to 11:30am
" Complete the Personal Profile (DiSC) and learn your personality style
" Johari Window
" Marston's Model - history and theory of the DiSC styles
" Work Compatibility of the Styles
" Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment

Day Two - 12:30 to 4:30pm
" Suggestions for Increasing Emotional Intelligence
" Cleaning up emotional muck
" Saving face and giving grace
" How to avoid becoming someone else's difficult person
" Making peace when dealing with the impossible person
" Plan of Action

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Who Should Attend

Experienced, new or aspiring managers, supervisors, group leaders, team leaders, HR generalists and anyone with leadership responsibilities - actually, anyone who wants more satisfying interpersonal relationships! You will even leave with tips and tools that will benefit your personal relationships as well.

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Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify personality types and attractions
  • Classify style characteristics and their impact on relationships
  • Transform tolerating difficult people into appreciating differences
  • Redefine recognition as a relationship tool

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Course Outline/Topics

  1. Definition of Emotional Intelligence
    A)     My difficult people
    B)     Principles
    C)     Fundamentals
    D)     Emotions and the Brain
    E)      The affirmations technique
    F)      Female/Male communications styles
    G)     Basic Behavior Types
    H)     Work/Life Preference Cheklist

  2. Day twoHow available are you?
    A)     Guess your personality type
    B)     Johari Window
    C)     Martstons Model
    D)     DISC Model

  3. Ideas for working with my difficult people
    A)     Work and social compatibility
    B)     What emotion is it?
    C)     Managing your anger
    D)     Emotional Intelligence Domains and Associated Competencies
    E)      A person with high emotional intelligence

  4. Increasing emotional intelligence
    A)     Know your emotions
    B)     Manage your emotions
    C)     Motivate yourself
    D)     Self-Efficacy Basic Assessment
    E)      Recognize emotions in others/empathy
    F)      Handle relationships
    G)     Peer coaching
    H)     Clearing the emotional muck
    I)      Recommended Readings
    J)      Resources (Coaching, persuasion and communication skills, leadership and management, change management, motivating others, engagement, generational differences, emotional intelligence, stress management, and time mastery)

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This program can be applied toward the:

Program fee includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches, and instructional material.

"Patricia was excellent, knowledgeable and personable."
Bob Granger, Ladish Forgings

Tue.-Wed., Oct. 6-7
Location: UWM School of Continuing Education (Click link for directions)
Instructor: Patricia Clason
$845: Register by Tue., Sept. 22
$895: Register on or after Wed., Sept. 23 Discount Available
Enrollment Limit: 30
Program No. 5050-8169
Register Now
Mon.-Tue., Apr. 18-19, 2016
Location: UWM School of Continuing Education (Click link for directions)
Instructor: Patricia Clason
$845: Register by Mon., Apr. 4, 2016
$895: Register on or after Tue., Apr. 5, 2016 Discount Available
Enrollment Limit: 30
Program No. 5050-8668
Register Now
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For more information, contact:
Jan Allen, Director, Business & Management,, 414-227-3219, 888-947-9947


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