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Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Find Your Next Job
  1. Employment websites and search functions. On sites like Monster, Hot Jobs, Milwaukee Jobs, Jobing, etc. you can often opt to receive emails that are in-tune with the career you’re looking for. Make sure to sign up for information that suits your unique background, and be alerted to job openings that best suit you.

  2. Take advantage of career help. Your first step in any successful job search is to take advantage of career help. Connect with free webinars and counseling sessions like the CTC’s free On-Demand Career Intake Session. Sometimes objective outside prospective can mean a lot in your job search. And beware of various scams out there. Make sure you choose a reputable source for guidance.

  3. Seek out a head hunter or career coach. A head hunter and career coach can not only become your biggest advocate, but can also help you stay attuned to changes in the work environments.

  4. Look for freelance opportunities. No matter your prior position it’s important to take a look at freelance opportunities – both paid and unpaid. Freelancing is working as a consultant or an extra hand on projects at corporations. While freelance does not pay benefits, it does help fill in the gaps on resumes during long-term unemployment and keep your skills fresh for the changing environment. Use websites like Guru.com to help find freelancing opportunities.

Here at the CTC, we practice what we preach! You can find us on Facebook where we offer job postings, support and engagement. If you’re looking to connect with coaches or help others find positions, connect with us on LinkedIn.
Yolanda White
Program Director