WM School of Continuing Education
Letter From Laura

  When it comes to sports, music, dance or acting, a good coach is invaluable in achieving the highest level of success. At times we all need guidance, an outside perspective, encouragement, motivation or someone to challenge us – especially when it comes to professional goals.

The process of accomplishing a goal is often challenging. But with a coach you won’t be alone. You’ll have someone to share your struggles, motivate you to achieve more and celebrate your success. Additional advantages include:
  1. Coaches provide a non-biased review of your ideas, and can role-play scenarios with colleagues to help you put your thoughts into a framework that gets your point across.

  2. If you want to apply for a promotion or new opportunity at your company, a coach can show you the right way to go about it.

  3. If you’ve been laid off and are looking for a new opportunity, a coach can help strengthen your resume, make sure you stand out in a saturated online business arena and guide you through the steps of a successful job search.

No one wants to keep moving blindly along, hoping they are making the right choices. Get a great coach and know that the steps you’re taking will lead to your best end result. We all need someone to cheer us on, provide constructive feedback, and help us identify and expand upon our strengths. A great coach helps you exceed your expectations and reach your dreams. Together, you can go for the gold. And in the world in which we live, who couldn’t use a little gold?