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3 Skills Every Job Seeker Should Have
Advancing your career skills is crucial in staying relevant in your field – whether you’re employed or currently looking. Everywhere you turn there is a new application emerging that challenges the work environment, eases the workload of American employees and helps us communicate on a global level. But three basic skills remain that will withstand the test of time and always propel your job search.  
    1. Basic computer knowledge. Whether you’re a lawyer or a factory worker, it’s essential to have basic computer knowledge in today’s market place. Timecards are often used on computers, corporate newsletters and emails are often handed out via virtual networks. You should know how to turn a computer on, launch the internet and do a basic search.
    2. Email. If you’re writing to a potential employer your email skills could be helping (or hurting) your chances at getting a position. What email system are you using for personal correspondence? Your email address should reflect you as a professional, not an individual. Subject lines should be short and to the point – usually no more than 45 characters. Avoid using emoticons and all caps in correspondence. Caps can often be taken as yelling. Remember that emotions and jokes don’t belong in professional correspondence.
    3. Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word and Excel are two programs crucial to almost all positions in an office environment. Within the last year Microsoft released Office 2010 for PCs and Office 2011 for Macs. What was the last version you used? There are drastic differences between 2003/2007 and 2010 versions. To land a position, it’s crucial to have basic knowledge of each of these programs. Check out upcoming Computer Applications programs to gain skills in these areas.

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