WM School of Continuing Education
January Success Story

Building Confidence

After spending her college years preparing to become a teacher in a local school district, Melissa Conti was rethinking her career choice.
“Deep down in my heart I knew I wasn’t in the right place” she says. “But I didn’t think it was possible to do anything outside of teaching.”
After three years of frustration, she admitted she needed help making the break. In September 2011 she contacted the Career Transitions Center.
“The staff was amazing and connected me with the director, Rachelle, right away. She listened attentively to my situation and understood my desperation for help. She got me an appointment the same day to find out more about me, what I wanted and ways she could help,” Melissa says.
Melissa registered for the Enhanced Career Coaching Package. Within two days she had an appointment with her coach, Jayne Holland. Jayne encouraged, motivated and helped Melissa identify her personality, goals and first steps in making a change. One of the first things they tackled was making Melissa’s resume marketable outside of the world of elementary education. They were able to draft a professional resume using transferable skills and qualifications, highlighting Melissa’s strengths. Jayne also suggested using networking and social media to reach out to friends, family and contacts who could help provide opportunities. While at dinner, a friend suggested Melissa apply at Forward Dental for a Team Lead Position. Melissa sent her new resume, and within one week she had interview and was offered the position.
“Without the CTC, I would never have had the confidence to make the leap,” she says. “My past resume would not have caught their eye, and I would have never been able to market myself in the business world.”
“Getting introduced to Jayne and the CTC staff saved my life! I am happier, more fulfilled, less stressed and now able to focus on graduate school. The coaching package was the best purchase I made all year. I can’t thank them enough!”

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