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Project Management Monthly: March 2011: Tips and Tricks

How to Benefit from 3 Popular Social Media Sites

By making your LinkedIn profile robust with keywords, background and recommendations, people invested in the same industries as you can find you more easily. It can also be used as a tool for finding vendors that fit your project scope,
identify new partners and vendors, and even find new clients to bring on.

In Project Management communication is key to project success. The largest growing social network is Twitter, a communication network that allows for almost instant product knowledge and feedback spread virally.

You can use Twitter for strategic large-scale collaboration by connecting to others in your competitive market. You can also use RSS feed information about items related to your project and news regarding tasks you are working on.

You may already be connected to family and friends; you may even love to play Farmville, Bejeweled or Mafia Wars, but what about using free application plugins to heighten your project management skills?

Using an application like DivShare allows you to manage projects by uploading files and post notes. Use Toodooz for tracking, file uploads, date
targeting, invites and notifications.


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