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Project Management Monthly: March 2011: Tips and Tricks

How to Build Your Professional Network

A crucial part of project management is networking and creating lasting relationships. This is not only crucial for vendor management, but also for achieving balance in a career that can be particularly stressful. Finding Project Management groups in your area can not only allow you to advance your skill
set, you can also connect with other project managers.

Key project management groups to get involved with this year include:
  1. Project Management Institute
  2. One of the largest communities represented nationally and dedicated to advancing Project Management skills. They host monthly chapter meetings, crucial PD Days and other national conferences.

  3. Project Management Social Network
  4. An online networking and advice site that posts weekly articles on their
    blog with management advice and project skill sets.

  5. Project Manager Network on LinkedIn
  6. One of the largest groups on LinkedIn, active members post questions for advice and share events.

Continuing your studies through training courses is another great way to meet fellow Project Management professionals. Check out upcoming courses this fall!


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