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Project Management Monthly: August 2012: Tips and Tricks

Expedite with Lean Project Management

Streamline project management processes and support structures through a system of continuous improvement that focuses on six key principles.

  1. Eliminate Waste
    View your project as a value stream with inputs, processing, and outputs. Find the weak links that can expose wasteful practices.

  2. Empowerment, Respect, Integrity
    Determine the needs of your customers and stakeholders and create clear plans, goals, and targets.

  3. Decide later, Deliver fast
    Map out smaller, achievable projects and eliminate pipeline overloads by managing their release dates.

  4. Amplify Learning
    Plan and promote the benefits of professional development.

  5. See the whole
    Use a project charter to constantly monitor the project cycle. Look for new opportunities by freeing teams from unnecessary tasks.

  6. Risk Management
    Act, Plan, Do, Check
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