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Project Management Monthly: September 2012: Tips and Tricks
How Much is Your Project Worth?

Companies demand clear evidence of Return on Investment, but calculating and communicating the potential value of your project can be challenging. Defining, calculating, and delivering reliable data is paramount to determining project value and sharing that value with stakeholders.

Here’s a peak at what you’ll need to determine your project worth:

  • What Does Money Have to Do with It?
    Combine evidence of ROI with other factors, including the total cost of ownership and the economic value added, to create a persuasive argument for your project.

  • Determining Meaningful Benefits
    Put a dollar amount on intangible benefits.

  • Estimating Credible Costs
    Address risk with three measurable strategies and define a reasonable scenario for success.

  • Reporting and Monitoring
    Capture and recalibrate your value estimate with real-time data.
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