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Project Management Monthly: November 2012: Tips and Tricks
Juggling Projects

Managing multiple projects is project management on a large scale, and it is becoming increasingly common for project managers to work with a number of clients simultaneously on a variety of products. Given the complexities of managing multiple teams, clients and schedules and how easy it is to suddenly feel overwhelmed, the soft skills required to supervise one project are becoming much more important.

You can stay organized by remembering a few key strategies:

  • Communicate
    Project stakeholders are often in different locations, and monitoring the status of each team and each project is crucial for providing updates. Create project logs that track problems and solutions, so you can have real-time status reports.

  • Delegate
    Micromanaging will only drown you in a sea of meetings, tasks and problems. Use the talent on your team, set goals and make sure your team meets those deadlines.

  • Manage Resources
    Schedule resources so that each team has what they need to work on their project. Integrate resources when possible and avoid using differing tools for each task.

  • Prioritize
    Spend more of your time on high-yield tasks.

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