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Project Management Monthly: December 2012: Tips and Tricks
Become a Certified Project Manager Professional

Of the 300,000 employees at IBM, 25,000 are project management professionals and more than half of them hold the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Steve DelGrosso, director of IBM’s Project Management Center of Excellence, says the number of certified project managers is likely to increase because customers are requesting them.

"If you can’t present a certified project manager on their [the client’s] deal, they won’t consider you."

When seven out of ten projects fail, clients are especially careful to hire employees that have project management discipline and a PMI PMP certification can give managers that extra edge. And although some more experienced, non-PMP managers question how much emphasis is placed on these credentials, they do agree that the standards for certification are rigorous and require long-term commitment.

So is PMI PMP certification worth it? You bet:

  • Certification demonstrates commitment to a valuable and in-demand occupation
  • It proves that you have experience as a manager
  • PMP managers often earn more than their uncertified colleagues
  • Certification can open doors to other opportunities
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