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Project Management Monthly: April 2013: Tips and Tricks
A Strong Business Depends on Strong Communication Skills

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful organization. It is a continuous process, and it connects each facet of a business together into an operational, cohesive whole. Leadership, teamwork, responsibility and authority all depend on effective communication.

Understanding how others perceive you and your communication habits is difficult and can often lead to unintended misunderstandings. Fortunately, a number of smart strategies can help:

  • Before you communicate, ask yourself self-reflective questions like: “Why am I doing or saying this?” “Am I confusing my emotions for objectivity?” “Would I like being treated or spoken to this way?” “Would I be comfortable if what I?ve said were to become public?”
  • Listen carefully and avoid making premature conclusions. Be certain that all available facts are out in the open and available before deciding what your response will be — understanding everyone’s point of view is often more important than agreeing or disagreeing.
  • Respect others. No one likes being embarrassed, especially in public. Creating unnecessary confusion and frustration can cloud the original issue and make it more difficult to solve.
  • No matter what the other person says, always act professionally. You can quickly loose the high ground by letting emotions cloud your judgment.
Communication is powerful. One kind word or encouraging talk can motivate an entire business, yet one off–the–cuff slight can just as easily destroy it.

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