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Project Management Monthly: April 2013: Tips and Tricks
Manage Projects to the Best of Your Agility

Don’t avoid change. Embrace it. Agile Project Management prepares you for flexibility by breaking down the long cycle of a project’s requirements, building and testing into smaller segments. Smaller segments mean you can test-drive prototypes before finalizing requirements and you can harness the latest competitive advantages, while avoiding extra overhead and delay.

Agile project management focuses on real-time information to tightly manage budget, timeline and scope. At the same time, it divides project management responsibilities among different roles – empowering the whole team to apply their own expertise. The highest priority is to deliver working, tested features to satisfy the customer.

Use strategies such as these to make your projects more agile:
  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development for a competitive advantage
  • Focus rigorously on delivering business value early and continuously
  • Create small cross-functional teams, ideally ranging from five to ten motivated people, support and trust they need
  • Use solid, historical data for planning, not speculation
When agile approaches are applied effectively, they can result in fewer costly end-of-project surprises. They can turn timelines into a matter of weeks rather than months and they can help businesses compete in today's fast-paced marketplaces.

Learn more about Agile Project Management during an in-depth, two-day course this June at the UWM School of Continuing Education.


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