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Yolanda's White Out

  Advice from Someone Who?s Been There
Michele Fero learned a lot about herself, her career aspirations and job hunting strategies
through her CTC experience. Now, she?s sharing some of her valuable new knowledge with you:
  1. Find your available resources and use them all. Community centers, colleges, churches and other organizations often have programs for job seekers. Many services may be free or very low cost.

  2. Connect with people who can offer information, referrals, ideas or any other guidance. Most jobs are filled through word of mouth, so this really matters.

  3. Consider temporary or seasonal employment. Sometimes, those jobs do become permanent. If not, you can still meet people and gain new job references.
Read Michele?s full story, and remember that even in your career search it?s important to ?pay it forward? and become a shoulder to lean on for someone else in your position.