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Yolanda's White Out

Let?s face it ? the world isn?t what it used to be. Most families need two incomes just to survive, meaning that looking for employment, whether you are displaced or not, is more important than ever.

Human Resources, the hiring department at many organizations, has changed their process in finding applicants. They are now taking their time looking for the ?right fit? for a position.

But what does that mean? What?s the impact of the right fit?

Often interviews stretch up to three months, the process itself can take over a year. Businesses are not only looking for the right resume but the right look, background and growth potential in each candidate - making it essential that you truly are right for the job.

If you are looking for a position, here are three tips to finding your ?right fit.?
  1. Use keywords that match the description of the position you are applying for. Many online hiring solutions now have a specific keyword search, eliminating you if they are not listed.

  2. Broaden your search. Do not just look for jobs online or in the paper. Get out there, connect with people in person. A first impression can be a lasting one. Not sure where to start? Look for free groups online, community organizations, alumni get-togethers and Milwaukee JobCamp

  3. Utilize social media tools. Are you on LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is a professional networking site which allows you to post your resume along with job descriptions, connect with other professionals and join groups pertinent to industries you are interested in. It?s also a head hunting tool for employers.
While you?re searching, don?t forget to take advantage of free programs like our Career Intake Session. If you have questions, please contact me and I?ll help you through your search.
Yolanda White
Program Director