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Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Everyone is talking about social media ? like us, join us, tweet about us! But what can the social media universe offer someone thinking about a career transition?

You can use social media to connect with employees at companies you are interested in, find information about industries, get support from others searching for employment and be one of the first to hear about job openings.

Due to the shear amount of people using social media, companies that want to get the word out quickly often use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to advertise job openings even before posting them on their own website.

Here are four tips on using social media to heighten your job search:

  1. Research. Use LinkedIn?s company search to get a feel for a place you?re interested in joining?s environment ? how many people have left in the last six months? How many have been hired? Use Facebook to find their fan page ? is it casual or professional? The company?s atmosphere may reflect that in the workplace. Use Twitter to find people by titles. Thinking about IT work? Search ?IT Manager? and read what IT Managers are posting - are they venting about or praising their positions? Use social media as a portal to what your future could be.

  2. Network. Now that you?ve researched the company and industry you?re interested in, connect with current employees. But be cautious. Your first message should not be ?I?m looking at working for your company, can you help?? Instead take time to talk about similar interests, get insights on their life and build a relationship ? once that?s established you can ask for help in finding a position.

  3. Support. You can use the ?group? functions in LinkedIn and Facebook as well as Twitter lists to find others also looking for positions. It?s not always easy ? sometimes you need additional guidance in your search and sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on. The communities on these networks are there to boost your self esteem and help you find a new job.

  4. Find a Job. Many companies now have human resource accounts on Twitter which announce openings and recruitment fairs. ?Follow? these places for advanced notification of positions. You can also use LinkedIn?s job category to put in your search qualifications and find the right position.

Here at the CTC, we practice what we preach! You can find us on Facebook where we offer job postings, support and engagement. If you?re looking to connect with coaches or help others find positions, connect with us on LinkedIn.
Yolanda White
Program Director