The application process contains three steps. Please read and fill out each section carefully and completely.

The exam is based on the state-approved training core competencies. It is recommended that you study your training materials.

Step 1 - Information on the Certificate Exam Process

This step contains important information on the Certification Exam Process. It also includes information on Continuing Education Hours (CEH) requirements, recertification and fees.

You will be notified by email from the University of WI-Milwaukee (UWM) as to your test site, date/time one week prior to the exam. PLEASE DO NOT CALL UW-MILWAUKEE or the Independent living centers. If you have questions, contact the Wisconsin Peer Specialist Program Coordinator (see below).

This exam is given at a computer at one of the eight testing locations. You have three (3) hours to complete the exam.

The passing score is 85%. You will receive a letter containing your test score. Upon successful completion of the required components, a certification document will be issued to you by the state of Wisconsin within 30 days of the exam.

Step 2 - Applicant Information

You are required to verify your eligibility to take the exam.

If you have successfully passed one of the four state-approved trainings, a copy of the document from the training organization stating that you successfully completed the training must be either uploaded electronically or mailed with the application.

If you are retaking the exam, please complete the separate exam retake form.

Select the Independent Living Center at which you would like to take the exam.

Step 3 - Application Process

Step 2 can be submitted electronically. Payment must be submitted separately. If you cannot submit it electronically, it needs to be printed, signed, and mailed with payment and required documentation. Read it carefully and fill it out completely. By marking the check boxes, you agree to the requirements of being a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist and enclose the fees and required documentation to the UW-Milwaukee at the address provided in the application.

Complete applications, required documentation, and payment must be received by the deadlines that are listed on the websites: -or- Do not FAX or email your application.

For questions or to request a reasonable accommodation for the exam contact:

Wisconsin Peer Specialist Program Coordinator
Phone: 1-800-362-9877 or 608-242-8484

Retain a copy of your application for your records.

Thank You!