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Driver’s License Required: An Urgent Workforce Development Issue

More than 90,000 Milwaukee County residents currently have driving privileges suspended or revoked. For those attempting to find work, the inability to drive poses a serious problem. Employment throughout the Milwaukee area often depends on the applicant having a driver’s license. This month’s contributors discuss the impact this has on job seekers and potential employers. In addition, learn about policy changes and resources assisting with driver’s license recovery. 

James Gramling, recently retired Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge
Paul Manley, Attorney, WI State Public Defender
Donna M. McIntyre-Johnson, Country Springs Hotel, Director of Human Resources

Featured Resource:
Center for Driverís License Recovery and Employability

A License to Drive, A License to Work
Efforts are underway to clear obstacles for low income drivers

A Wealth of Experience
Older Workers Leverage Skills

Employers, government need to help, economist says
The demise of well paying goods-producing middle-class jobs with decent benefits has left more Americans struggling to balance between their obligations at work and home..

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