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Baby Boomers Change Retirement

As the baby boom generation has begun to approach retirement, southeast Wisconsin is nearing an unprecedented workforce change. This month’s contributors discuss how our maturing workforce will impact how work is done. 

Carleen MacKay on insights for employers
Carleen MacKay on the role boomers will play
Dennis Winters on the quantity problem
Tom Bachhuber on assessing options
David Doyle on affecting how work is done

Featured Resources:
Seek Careers/Staffing
Lauber CFO's
Interfaith Employment Services

The Graying of Milwaukee
Ready or not, Milwaukee employers will soon be confronted by a severe labor shortage...

Too Many Wisconsin Workers Lack Basic Skills
C.O.W.'s Report reveals lagging in adult basic education spending...

Black Male Joblessness takes Rare Fall
Milwaukee has posted a small and rare decrease in its extreme rate of black male joblessness...

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