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Computer Studies
Please note: Additional tuition, applied regardless of the credit plateau, is charged for all undergraduate and graduate courses offered through the UWM College of Engineering and Applied Science. The differential tuition rate will be set at $21.63 per credit during this academic year. The additional tuition will enhance the quality of education in engineering and computer science.

STUDENTS WHO ARE ABSENT DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF A CEAS CLASS WITHOUT PERMISSION MAY BE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS. (See Registration portion of this Schedule for information about fees for students dropped by department).

Due to space limitations, some courses may be restricted to students admitted to the College of Engineering & Applied Science. The program may impose major status as a prerequisite for courses numbered 300 and above.
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COMPST-703: Software Engineering Principles (3 units; G )

Introduction to core topics of software engineering including requirements analysis, object-oriented design, testing, and project management. Overview of ethical and social issues in computing.

Prereq: CompSt 702 or equiv.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
    3 LEC 201
66874 - 06/24-08/17 Piziak, Dee ONLINE WEB  
Course is taught completely on-line. Internet access required. A special course fee of $300.00 in addition to regular tuition, will be charged for this section.

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