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Foreign Languages and Literature
Chair: Andrew Porter...CRT 833...(414)

Please note: The College of Letters & Science charges an additional special course fee for Distance Education (online) sections. These sections can be distinguished by a section number beginning with 2-- (e.g., 201, 202). If the special course fee is not listed in the Schedule of Classes, please contact Andy Cuneo, L&S Student Academic Services, via e-mail,, or phone (414) 229-2787.
Courses - Expand Subject

FLL-240: Vampires: From Slavic Village to Hollywood (3 units; U ; HU)

Historical survey of western vampire lore from discovery in eastern Europe in the 1700's through British literary vampire literature to Hollywood Dracula films.

Not open to students who have taken FLL 192, Vampires topic. Prereq: none.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
HU   3 LEC 001
26906 12:30 PM-1:45 PM MW 09/03-12/12 Murphy-lee, Meghan MIT 195  

FLL-699: Advanced Independent Study (1 - 3 units; U )

Advanced-level independent work under the supervision of a Foreign Languages and Literature faculty or academic staff member.

May be retaken w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st; 2.5 GPA; writ cons instr, dept chair, & asst dean for SAS.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
    1 - 3 IND 003
16611 - 09/03-12/12   ROOM TBA  
Consent required to audit.

Additional Courses -Foreign Languages & Literature
LINGUIS 708(701): Proseminar in Linguistics (3 units; G )

Presents a range of linguistic constructs, demonstrating through readings, problems, and exercises how these concepts can be used in the analysis of language.

Linguis 708(701) & MALLT 708 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: grad st.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
    3 SEM 001
23641 5:00 PM-7:40 PM M 09/09-12/12 Davis, Garry JOH 137  

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