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Freshwater Sciences

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FRSHWTR-512: Freshwater Sciences Practicum: (2 - 4 units; U/G )

Diverse opportunities for practical, hands-on experience in the practice of freshwater science with emphasis on team work, problem solving, field work, and dissemination of results.

May be retaken w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st, Frshwtr 502(P) & 504(P); or cons instr.
Not open to University Special Students

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
Field Trip to Laguna Bacalar, Mexico
    2 FLD 001 30132 8:00 AM-5:00 PM MTWRF 01/05-01/12 Grundl, Timothy GLRF 1080  
            MTWRF   Kaster, Jerry    
            MTWRF   Klump, J    
          8:00 AM-5:00 PM MTWRF 01/15-01/19      
Travel to Bacalar, Mexico in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula. The course will include field work in biogeochemistry and ecology of stromatolites and corridor gradient from jungle to sea. Develop, along with instructors, research design focused on exchanges of a chemical and biological components along an aquatic gradient from freshwater to the Costa Riviera. This will also include the role of cenotes in the corridor. Stromatolites, mangrove, and invertebrate clines will be emphasized. Students must pay their own travel expenses, including round trip airfare, lodging, and meals (estimated ~$1,400/student). Trip dates are January 5 - January 12, 2018 followed by a week of in-class work at SFS. Consent of instructor, requires an interview.
Consent required to audit.

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