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Health Sciences
Health Informatics and Administration Chair: Priya Nambisan, NWQ Building B Room 6410,
Undergraduate Program Director: Kathleen Olewinski, NWQ Building B Room 6432,
MHA Program Director: Jennifer Fink, NWQ Building B Room 6455,
Healthcare Informatics Program Director: Rohit Kate, NWQ Building B Room 6473,
Student Advising: NWQ Building B, 6th Floor (414) 229-2758 NOTE: Students who are absent during first week of classes without instructor's permission may forfeit a place in class. Students will still be held responsible for dropping the class. COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES INTRODUCTORY/TOPICS COURSES: BMS 101 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Sciences; BMS 205(NS) Introduction to Diagnostic Medicine; BMS 232 Introduction to Nutrition; BMS 260(SS) Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine; BMS 281 Dead Men Do Tell Tales: An Introduction to Forensic Science; COMSDIS 210(SS) Survey of Communication Disorders; HS 101 Introduction to Health and Disease; HS 105 (SS) Survey of the Health Professions; HCA 203(SS) Human Life Cycle; HS 222 Language of Medicine; HS 224 Computational Tools for Healthcare Professionals; KIN 200 Introduction to Kinesiology; KIN 230(NS) Health Aspects of Exercise and Nutrition; THERREC 203 Recreation as a Therapeutic Intervention, THERREC 103(HU) Introduction to Leisure
Interdisciplinary certificate programs in forensic sciences are offered by the College of Health Sciences in cooperation with the College of Letters & Sciences and Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. For a listing of courses offered in the programs this semester, see the Forensic Sciences listing toward the end of this Schedule.
Courses - Expand Subject

HS-102: Healthcare Delivery in the United States (3 units; U )

An introduction to healthcare delivery focusing on consumers, providers, organization, financing, quality and utilization of services, health planning, and political and governmental impacts.

Prereq: none.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
  (FEE) 3 LEC 291
66212 - 06/24-08/17 Kubricky, Kim ONLINE WEB  
Course meets completely on-line following the regular 8 week summer session. Special course fee of $275 in addition to regular tuition is assessed. Internet access required.

HS-222: Language of Medicine (3 units; U )

Medical terms used in oral and written communication; reviews terminology by body system with emphasis on application.

Prereq: none.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
  (FEE) 3 LEC 292
66934 - 06/24-08/17 Folk, Lillian ONLINE WEB  
Course taught 100% online following the regular 8-week summer schedule. Internet access required. Special Course Fee of $275 in addition to regular tuition will be assessed for this course.

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