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Public Administration
The College of Letters & Science charges an additional special course fee for Distance Education (online) sections. These sections can be distinguished by a section number beginning with 2-- (e.g., 201, 202). If the special course fee is not listed in the Schedule of Classes, please contact Andy Cuneo, L&S Student Academic Services, via e-mail,, or phone (414) 229-2787.
Courses - Expand Subject

PUB ADM-999: Independent Study (1 - 3 units; G )

Independent study in a subject area of special need or interest after consultation with a faculty member.

Prereq: grad st

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
    1 - 3 IND 002
65336 - 06/24-08/17 Ihrke, Douglas TBA  
Consent required to audit.

Additional Courses - Public Administration
IND REL-921: Internship in Industrial Relations (1 - 6 units; G )

An internship with a company, union or a governmental agency in the field of human resources and labor relations. Project paper required. Retakeable to a total of 6 crs.

Prereq: grad st; 8 cr in MHRLR Prog completed.

GER   Units Section Class# Hours Days Dates Instructor Room Syllabus
    1 - 6 FLD 101
66839 - 06/24-08/17 Davies, Susan TBA  

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